"South Florida's Rising Seas" TV special w John Englander

A few days ago WPBT, one of the Miami Public Television Stations broadcast a special "South Florida's Rising Seas." The half hour program was done by Kate MacMillin and Juliet Pinto, two professors at Florida International University's (FIU) School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Perhaps because I was asked to narrate it, I felt awkward about drawing attention to it, lest it seem self serving. Following the show there was also a half hour panel hosted by Helen Ferre, where I was one of the panelists.  The praise for the show has been high and many have asked why I did not feature it on this blog, so this is to fill that blank. For anyone wishing to see the two parts, the links are: http://video.wpbt2.org/video/2365148517/  and http://video.wpbt2.org/video/2365156580/ 

Now that I have seen the full show, I have to say that I am extremely proud of what Kate and Juliet have done and very pleased that I was asked to be a part of it. Any comments, particularly encouragement for continuation of this type programming, should be directed to the Producers at FIU.edu or WPBT television. 

Thank you.


It is encouraging to see such cooperation between citizens, voters, politicians, planners and engineers.  Hopefully this model could be applied elsewhere.  But it seems that climate change damages and threats have to become very severe before this occurs.  It would be great if other television stations and university journalism centers could cooperate in such an informative manner so that (as said in the video) change could be more proactive rather than reactive.  Perhaps other media/university coalitions could report on threats to other cities, or what is needed to translate such local action into national action which (given that it is now more inaction) needs to be significantly intensified. 

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