Sea Level Rise Cover Story NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC September

National Geographic Magazine has been showing us planet Earth for 125 years, with balanced reporting, stunning photography and great graphics. The September 2013 issue is no exception.

"Rising Seas" is a terrific article. I strongly encourage you to grab one if you don't already subscribe to the print or digital versions.  

You can read the fine text by Tim Folger online but you will miss most of the great photography by George Steinmetz, and some high impact graphics.

In particular the print edition has a pull out poster showing what the continents will look like whenever all the ice melts.

Overall the article parallels my book, High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Levels and the Coming Coastal Crisis. While it will not fundamentally surprise any of my readers, the impact is so much stronger, that this is worth having too. 

It is just another example of some of the great journalism now tackling what I have dubbed "the story of the century."



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